Below is a list of projects, past, present, and future, that impact the Pardeeville lakes. If you’d like more information on any of the projects below, please feel free to email us.

Lake Management
  • Lake management is the fundamental purpose of the PLMD. The Park Lake Comprehensive Management Plan, developed through the participation of interested and involved community members is the guide for these efforts. It is the foundation of all projects of PLMD. The plan has many components:
    • Water quality
      • A healthy ecosystem including managed plants and fish habitat to aid in sustaining a healthy ecosystem
    • Recreational Use promotion and management
    • Community Participation
TMDL Study
  • With the participation and leadership of Columbia County Land and Water a formal study of the total phosphorous the Pardeeville lakes system can process has been undertaken. The Total Maximum Daily Load is a measure of capacity of the lake ecosystem. It is a part of a greater effort involving the United State EPA and ultimately aid in our ability to obtain certain future funding. While not yet complete, we do know that Park Lake takes in more phosphorous than it can process. This negatively affects the water quality of the Pardeeville Lakes and the overall ecosystem.
Fish Stocking
  • Over the years PLMD has stocked fish the support and assistance of the DNR. Fish stocking is a tool to aid in the control carp and shad. Carp and shad negatively affect the health of the lake in many ways; stirring up sediment and increasing the turbidity of the water is among the negative affects.
Fish Habitat
Boat Landing
  • PLMD maintains two boat landings and piers on Park Lake. Through normal use comes the need for maintenance. Abuse however necessitates larger and more expensive projects. Power loading of boats at the landings takes its toll. The under cutting creates holes, destabilizes the piers and washes away the landing material base that needed to launch and load